Working in Paradise

Working in Paradise

Many of us at one point only came here for a vacation, but between hoping, dreaming and some hard work… we have found ways to gain employment and to Work in Paradise!  Actually there are quite a few opportunities here in Hawaii, and more are opening up every day.

The problems with working in Hawaii:

  • You may be in paradise, but work is still work!
  • The vacation is over!
  • It may not pay quite as well as your last job in chilly Chicago.
  • It can be hard to find good help!

The Good News!

  • If you are a reliable and motivated person, the world is your oyster!
  • There are many opportunities for an entrepreneur; there are many niches that need to be filled!
  • If you do good work, the local ‘coconut wireless’ network spreads the word like wildfire!
  • When work is pau hana (finished), you get to relax in paradise!

If you are serious about looking for employment in Hawaii, there are a few good resources we would suggest:

  • The Hawaii Tribune Herald: East Hawaii’s local newspaper
  • Craigslist: The Hawaii version may not be as large as some big cities, but there are still MANY posted every day!
  • HireNet Hawaii: A job board focusing on listing available jobs in Hawaii. 
  • 808Classifieds: A free local publication that is printed monthly.  Free to post, free to view.

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