Home Inspection

Home Inspection

Purchasing a home is complicated and can be a difficult task. A home inspection can offer clarity and understanding and can relieve many possible doubts.  We strongly suggest that you have any home you are seriously interested in purchasing inspected by an accredited Home Inspection expert.  An inspection report can help you gain a proper perspective of the maintenance and type of repairs that may be necessary.

As a home inspector looks at a home in close detail, they will be reviewing the various aspects of the home. A detailed, easy to read report will be provided at the completion of the inspection.  In some cases this report will even include photos and suggestions for improvements.

When an inspector finds various problems such as a roof leak, unsafe wiring or plumbing, the result gives you the buyer leverage to use in negotiating the final purchase price down.  Ultimately if you were to find enough problems with the home, or just one big problem, you will also have the choice of not purchasing the home based on the inspection results.

Presenting an inspection report to the mortgage officer at your financial institution provides independently substantiated proof that the property is, indeed a good investment.  It may not be required in most cases, but it is one more thing that can help secure your loan.

Another benefit, an inspection report presented to your insurance agent can facilitate the proper coverage.


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