First-Time Buyers Info

First-Time Buyers Info

A First Time Home Buyer (FTHB) is defined as someone who has never owned a home, or who has not owned a home in their name in the last three years.

FTHBs are special and require an extra dose of care and experience.  It is extremely important that the FTHB obtain the services of a highly skilled professional to help them through this scary process.  Buying a first home can be the biggest and most important investment a person or family can make in their financial health and future wealth

There are many special loan programs geared to the FTHB.  Heather Hedenschau, Principal Broker of Big Island Brokers has been helping FTHBs for over 18 years and she has the requisite knowledge and experience to effectively represent you in this big, important first purchase.

One of the very best things for FTHBs is that you do not have to go through this process alone. You get the value of representation at no additional cost to you.  The seller has agreed to compensate your agent; and still your agent will faithfully represent you and will look after your best interests.

Heather can help you with some other very creative ways to purchase a home.  For example, do you own a piece of vacant land?  Heather has helped several buyers use their lot as a down payment to purchase their home. She can also find some sellers that are willing to act as the bank and she can help you with seller financing options.

With prices so low, many homes can be purchased that are even lower than rent payments!  The most important thing to keep in mind at this time is that -everyone pays a mortgage, the trick is to be paying your own mortgage instead of your landlords!

Some of these First Time Home Buyer programs include:

  • Zero down payment loans
  • Very low down payment loans
  • Special interest rates and reduced closing costs for FTHB
  • Sellers can contribute to FTHB closing costs
  • Gifts from family members for down payments
  • Special tax incentives
  • Some retirement funds can be used by FTHB’s for the down payment without penalty

Your total monthly payment

Principal & Interest

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