We at Big Island Brokers know how your pet is much more than that, our pets are our FAMILY, our "ohana"!  So when moving to Hawaii special care must be taken to ensure the most pleasant transition for your little ones.  There is currently NO rabies in Hawaii, so bringing in rabies is a serious concern here in Hawaii. As a result there are some rigid laws that must be followed.  The GOOD news is that things have changed in recent years making the process easier and more affordable.  However it does take some time and preparation and some forms need to be filled out.  It is important to cross all "t"s and dot all "i"s to accomplish the easier path.

Kea at Thanksgiving



The Specifics:

The State of Hawaii law states that pets are required to complete a series of documented tests OR confinement in the State Animal Quarantine Station for up to 120 days. The easier route is possible if specific pre-arrival and post-arrival requirements are met. In general, the program has stringent rabies vaccine requirements, a rabies blood test (which states that the test was given at least 120 days before arrival into Hawaii), a readable microchip, complete documents filled out, payment of about $225 per pet, and a “direct release” from the airplane to the Airport Animal Quarantine Holding Facility located only at the Honolulu International Airport. All pets arriving into Hawaii must be in a sealed carrier or crate and the seal can only be removed by quarantine officials. If you remove the seal yourself, your pet may have to go into a 5 to 120 day quarantine. All requirements must be met exactly according to their documentation, otherwise pets will go into the lengthy quarantine.

See the full detail at the Department of Agriculture Website: Animal Quarantine Info Page >